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Crestron achieves a unified experience across luxury home theater, outdoor entertaining patio, and a unique car showroom in this Ultimate Crestron Home.

While resembling a lively pool party scene straight out of Las Vegas, this remarkable home is actually situated in Westlake Village, California. Equipped with state-of-the-art smart home technology, the property stands ready to entertain a handful of friends to thousands of guests easily.

The challenge

The primary goal of this project was to make the advanced technology integration inconspicuous, blending harmoniously with the overall aesthetics of the house while ensuring that the system remained user-friendly and accessible to the residents and their guests. This required striking a careful balance between cutting-edge technology and a visually pleasing, functional living space.

The solution

The homeowners partnered with Bliss HTA to transform their living space into their dream home. With the implementation of a custom Crestron system, this home underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming incredibly user-friendly and convenient. Throughout the project, Bliss HTA collaborated closely with architects and interior designers to ensure that the system seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure requirements and maintained compatibility. Given the project's scale, the utilization of a custom Crestron programmed system emerged as the sole viable choice due to its adaptability and expansive capabilities.

The technology

Through a thoughtfully planned integration strategy, the Crestron control system is the brains of the operation, enriched by simple-to-use Crestron touch screens that provide complete control over the home. This meticulous configuration yields a remarkably swift and advanced solution. Its capabilities extend across a broad spectrum of functions, overseeing lighting loads, operating keypads, managing music zones, and providing control for motorized shades. The system also handles distribution across 16 video zones, utilizes 16 touch screens, regulates 11 HVAC zones, manages six patio heaters, supervises two pools, and maintains oversight of numerous other subsystems, showcasing its comprehensive versatility.

Beyond special occasions, the home follows a daily routine, automatically adjusting lighting and shades in the morning and transitioning into a serene nighttime mode at 11:00 p.m. This multifunctional feature serves as the client's electronic butler, making it the most frequently used aspect of the system. Three complexly designed scenes were programmed within the residence, with the "entertain" scene being the most advanced. A single button press transforms the home into an impressive showcase mode, orchestrating a synchronized sequence involving lighting, music, temperature, fire features, water elements, screen savers, and shades to accentuate and exhibit the residence's luxuries.

For added security and convenience, homeowners can view surveillance camera feeds directly on the touch screen, enhancing their sense of security in response to unfamiliar sounds or situations. The integrated video distribution framework seamlessly guarantees access to individual TV units from any location within the residence, offering exceptional convenience and ease of use. Audio distribution is also easy, as this setup enables effortless streaming of personalized music selections to any designated zone. One last show-stopping aspect of this home’s entertainment offerings is a cutting-edge home theater, easily navigated through a tablet running the Crestron app.

The results

The collective effort among architects, builders, and interior designers resulted in personalized solutions that exceeded the homeowner's expectations, showcasing the remarkable outcomes of Crestron technology in cutting-edge and fully integrated smart living spaces. This project represents the ability to redefine the horizons of home automation, resulting in a highly personalized and exceptionally sophisticated living environment.

“Crestron has transformed this residence and the homeowners' daily routines by enabling them to create their own sanctuary every day,” says Robert Bliss, Founder & CEO, Bliss Home Theaters & Automation, Inc.