A Bell for a Buckeye

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A Bell for a Buckeye
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During recent renovations, the homeowners were primarily interested in AV distribution and wanted to incorporate technology in their entertainment spaces throughout the home and on the terrace. Along with a unified control system, they also wanted to integrate a security system and cameras to monitor their house and provide peace of mind.


AV integrator DAVCO Custom Integration introduced the homeowners to the concept of complete home automation and recommended the Crestron Home® platform as the perfect fit for HVAC, lighting, and AV control. With Crestron, DAVCO was able to address all of the home automation requests and showcase a smooth-sounding feature.


As part of the integration, the homeowners wanted to incorporate the Buckeye football tradition of ringing a victory bell after every Ohio State win. For this home project, the homeowners utilized a 125-year-old schoolhouse bell, a housewarming gift from the homeowner’s parents. DAVCO worked with a bell rendering company to integrate the bell into the Crestron Home system. Now, the homeowners can simply push the button on their Crestron Remote or Crestron Home app and rejoice in celebration.

Crestron Home is the central platform for the homeowners to control their home; a simple touch of a button helps to simplify their lives. The Crestron
Home app on their phones and tablets make it easy to control the HVAC, lighting, and audio while relaxing on the couch or on the go. After exploring what was possible with Crestron Home, the homeowners decided to integrate selective lighting to give the home a lived-in effect while away. The lighting includes dimmers on the interior and exterior of the residence. In addition to typical home automation requests, DAVCO also integrated an outdoor rooftop deck entertaining space with a 65” display
that would provide a perfect viewing experience on gamedays. To stream or switch between content on multiple TVs in the home, Crestron DM Lite® transmitters and receivers provide smooth content distribution.


The homeowners can celebrate with the beloved tradition of the victory bell with a single button press. With the help of Crestron, homeowners are now easily able to keep a virtual eye on their home when needed with the Crestron Home app.

“The homeowners are incredibly happy with Crestron Home, especially with the flexibility of remaining in control of the residence, even during their travels when they can’t physically be there,” says Greg DellaCorte, President, DAVCO Custom Integration.