Barco provides unlimited possibilities for digital museums

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Barco provides unlimited possibilities for digital museums
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A flexible projector for different set-ups

The “Prosperity Painting” room exhibits a 30m long and 5m high digital scroll of "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains". It presents a delicate and lifelike scene using 22 Barco G60 series projectors. The impact of the digital art work is guaranteed through the excellent image quality and stable operation of the Barco solution.

"Danqing Theater" also uses 14 Barco G60s to project on the largest arc-curved screen in the exhibition hall. Due to the circular curved set-up, the camera position and imaging distance are more complex requiring higher adaptability of the projection units. Barco G60 series supports a wide range of lenses and throw ratios and is highly flexible to meet the needs of different venue environments and screens. 

High reliability and great service program for maximum uptime

Unlike ordinary museums, most digital museums are running throughout the day. And in this case dozens of projection devices are running at the same time. Consequently, the project required highly reliable solutions and great after-sales services. Barco‘s G60 service program, including advance swaps, saves time and improves operational efficiency for digital museums.

Expanding art beyond the framework, Barco provides unlimited possibilities for digital museums.