Christie powers control room display in China

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Christie powers control room display in China
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Continuous advancements in science and technology have led to greater demand for high definition, durable display systems particularly for control rooms and command centers, which have specific requirements to support 24/7 operations.

When State Grid Lishui Power Supply Company, a subsidiary of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Corporation, sought to upgrade its control room display system, it was looking to install a high performance, dependable projection system to display bright and color-accurate visuals on a large-sized, high contrast, anti-glare screen. After a stringent tender process, the power grid company selected a state-of-the-art system proposed by Christie’s longstanding partner, Wincomn Technology, which has extensive experience in control room installations.

Wincomn designed and installed a three-channel front projection integrated display system for State Grid Lishui Power Supply Company’s control room, which included the tried-and-tested Christie® HS Series 1DLP® laser projectors, known for their excellent visuals, stable and efficient performance, omnidirectional capabilities, and ease of operation.

“As the core enterprise of the energy sector in Zhejiang Province, State Grid Lishui Power Supply Company offers electric energy generation, transmission, and distribution services to millions of users within the province,” says Tony Chen, general manager, Wincomn Technology. “Therefore, we have spared no effort to ensure that this control room is equipped with a high-quality screen and a leading-edge projection system to effectively monitor the company’s energy assets and respond quickly to any issue.”

Three Christie D13WU-HS 1DLP® laser projectors are fitted on the ceiling of the control room to display visuals on a screen measuring 7.2 meters (23 feet) long by 1.8 meters (5.9 feet) high. Boasting 13,500 ISO lumens, a long-lasting and reliable laser light source, with the enhanced color accuracy of Christie’s BoldColor™ Technology, the D13WU-HS is a cost-effective option for high-use applications.

Chen explains that the Christie HS Series met all the requirements of the end user with its capability to produce bright, vibrant images exhibiting highly realistic colors that enhance image quality. Another plus is the projector’s laser light source that provides up to 20,000 hours to 50% brightness of virtually maintenance-free operation. This translates into lower operating, servicing and maintenance costs for the end user. The D13WU-HS also comes with Christie RealBlack™ technology that produces an amazing 750,000:1 full on/off contrast ratio making visuals pop off the screen.

“The Christie D13WU-HS projectors and dnp Supernova Infinity screen are perfectly matched in a bright environment, resulting in a high-quality integrated display system that delivers bright, vivid and sharp large-screen visuals for the power grid’s control room. This specially designed system is characterized by high operational safety, reliability, long lifespan, and reduced operation and maintenance costs. This enables Zhejiang Electric Power Corporation to capture and analyze real-time data and make time-critical decisions with confidence,” Chen adds.