AJA Corvid Powers Up to 4K Video & Audio I/O for WorkflowLabs’ Nitro Broadcast Video Server

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AJA Corvid Powers Up to 4K Video & Audio I/O for WorkflowLabs’ Nitro Broadcast Video Server
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AJA Corvid Powers Up to 4K Video & Audio I/O for WorkflowLabs’ Nitro Broadcast Video Server
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WorkflowLabs develops solutions for playout and ingest automation used by the largest broadcasters in India. Founded as a startup in 2018 by a five person hardware R&D team, the company’s development efforts focus on solving key workflow challenges and cater to the evolving demands required by end users. 

WorkflowLabs’ solutions are engineered with a Linux based framework at the core, including the versatile Nitro video server designed for high density playout and ingest applications with rigorous uptime demands and no margins for error. The flexible and cost effective Nitro servers include up to eight bidirectional ports in a compact 1RU chassis and can handle SD, HD and UltraHD workflows with support for all industry standard codecs. Customers including ETV, one of the oldest broadcast groups in India, as well as 24/7 news channels IndiaAhead and TV9, depend upon Nitro servers for their main transmission and recording in broadcast settings where high uptime is critical. 

During development of the Nitro servers, WorkflowLabs required a reliable Linux OS compatible PCIe card to support the highest quality signal capture and output for broadcast workflows. The company selected AJA’s robust and powerful Corvid lineup of video cards, including Corvid 88, Corvid 44 and Corvid 22, for facilitating up to 4K input and output during broadcast workflows. In addition to Corvid’s strong support for Linux, WorkflowLabs chose the cards for their production proven performance, long-term durability and worldwide distribution network offered by AJA. Corvid’s small form factor and low profile also helped the team achieve higher port density in Nitro’s 1RU chassis. 

“Nitro video servers have delivered for us both on stability and flexibility, said WorkflowLabs’ customer G. Srinivas, CTO, IndiaAhead News, “I would strongly recommend them.” IndiaAhead News uses a set of four Nitro servers for their main transmission and recording, including three Nitro 1400 servers with a total of 12 HD ports.

As IP workflows continue to evolve and become adapted more readily across the industry, WorkflowLabs is prepared to help customers with the transition. Nitro servers are fully compatible with KONA IP, AJA’s powerful and flexible PCIe capture and playback cards for IP pipelines, and ready for future deployment. 

About AJA Corvid 
Corvid is AJA’s family of products designed for integration into solutions offered by third-party Developer Partners, for applications on Windows and Linux. Corvid 88 delivers high-density multi-channel video and audio I/O via an 8-lane PCIe 2.0 card. Corvid 22 is a 4-lane PCIe card supporting high-performance, dual-channel video and embedded 24-bit audio I/O in a single card. Corvid is a standard 4-lane PCIe card offering single-channel video and audio I/O.